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    浙江大學管理學院Panasonic Launching Executive Leaders 2020圓滿舉行

    浙大EDP  2020-11-17




    "Multiple Interaction﹒Diversified Interdisciplinary"

    --浙江大學管理學院Panasonic Launching Executive Leaders 2020圓滿舉行

    ‐浙江大學管理學院Panasonic Launching Executive Leaders 2020は円満に開催された

    -- Successful Holding of Panasonic Launching Executive Leaders 2020 of School of Management Zhejiang University

    2020年11月,為期三日的Panasonic Launching Executive Leaders 2020在浙江大學管理學院順利舉辦。此次項目開展涵蓋30名日本松下全球海外高管,廣涉亞歐美等各個國家。學院從時間、空間、語言及直播技術上克服了諸多困難,是浙江大學管理學院多元互動的教學形式與立體跨界知識構建的完美呈現。

    2020年11月、3日間のPanasonic Launching Executive Leaders 2020は浙江大學管理學院で順調に開催された。今回のプロジェクトは30人の日本松下グローバル海外管理高級管理者をカバーし、アジアや歐米諸國に関わっている。學院は時間、空間、言語及び生放送技術の面から多くの困難を克服した、浙江大學管理學院の多元交流の教育形式と立體の業界の垣根を超える知識構築の完璧な表れである。

    In November 2020, the three-day Panasonic Launching Executive Leaders 2020 was successfully held at the School of Management Zhejiang University. The project is composed of 30 global overseas executive leaders of Panasonic, covering various countries in Asia, Europe and America. The School has overcome many difficulties in terms of time, space, language and live broadcast technology. It is a perfect presentation of the multiple interaction in teaching and diversified interdisciplinary in knowledge construction of the School of Management Zhejiang University.


    疫情之下航班停飛,國際交流受阻,給Panasonic的海外戰略培訓提出巨大考驗。浙江大學管理學院作為學校商學教育的推動者一直致力于服務海內外企業的管理人才培養。為了最大限度地滿足海外客戶的管理培訓需求,管理學院EDP高效推進線上課程開發,聯合日本早稻田大學和日本松下集團人力資源部, 集結線上直播及同聲傳譯,傾力打造2020日本松下海外高管Online 教學計劃,課程由教學分享和線上討論有機結合,秉承傳統教學疏導,融匯創新同頻互動。


    Due to the suspension of flights under the epidemic, the international exchanges have been hindered, which has brought great challenges to the overseas strategic training of Panasonic. As the promoter of the business education of the University, School of Management Zhejiang University has been committed to serving management personnel training for enterprises at home and abroad. In order to meet the management training needs of overseas customers to the greatest extent, EDP of the School has effectively promoted the development of online programs, and created the online teaching schedule for 2020 Panasonic Overseas Executives Program by cooperating with Waseda University and the Human Resources Department of Panasonic by means of online live broadcast and simultaneous interpretation. The program is organically combined with teaching sharing and online communication, adhering to the traditional teaching guide and integrating with innovative interactions.

    截屏2020-11-17 下午8

    2020年11月,為期三日的Panasonic 教學期間,浙江大學社會科學學部主任吳曉波教授、公共管理學院余遜達教授、管理學院孫怡夏老師和阿里云總經理分別就企業管理與創新、地緣政治領域、新興市場營銷及阿里巴巴的企業戰略等與學院進行了充分的分享與交流。


    During the teaching period, Professor Wu Xiaobo Director of Faculty of Social Science, Zhejiang University, Professor Yu Xunda from School of Public Affairs Zhejiang University, and Professor Sun Yixia from School of Management Zhejiang University, and General Manager of AliCloud fully shared and exchanged ideas with the School on topics of corporate management and innovationgeopolitics, marketing in emerging market and the corporate strategy of Alibaba.